Style Report: What People Wore at this Year’s Wanderland

Flower power was real at Wanderland. Photo by Richard Tabigue.
March 28, 2018 | 04:37 PM

Wanderers weren't afraid to show some skin. Photo by Richard Tabigue


2. A little bit of skin


Speaking of summer, the heat got the attendees showing a little bit of skin. Girls showed up in crop tops and sleeveless shirts, while boys got comfortable with tank tops and short shorts. It’s the perfect look for a whole day festival and balances looking fashionable yet feeling comfortable.

Black is always in. Photo by Richard Tabigue.


3. All-black ensembles


Summer is all about bright colors, but there are those who stick to their monochromatic guns. Black will always be sleek and elegant, a timeless color that can be worn anytime of the year. Festivalgoers who were brave enough to wear the color despite the heat prove that black is still the new black.

Concertgoers rocked their OOTDs with a Coachella vibe. Photo by Richard Tabigue.


4. Hippie chic


Inspired by foreign music festivals like Coachella, many attended Wanderland in their boho chic (read: hippie) looks. They came in their denim shorts, flowy jackets, bandanas, and large sunglasses, adding an international vibe to the festivities.


Festivalgoers took Wanderland to the streets. Photo by Richard Tabigue.


5. Streetwear as festivalwear


The current streetwear movement is well-represented at the festival, with hypebeasts showing off their t-shirts, sneakers, and bucket hats, proving that indie music and streetwear go hand in hand.

This year’s Wanderland Music and Arts Festival proved that it’s a fashion festival, too!


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